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Community Dialogue on Family Caregivers

Appleton - January 29, 2017


What is a Caregiver?

Many who are helping others don't often think of themselves as "caregivers." But when one or more of the following types of situations arise, it's time to start considering yourself as a caregiver:

  • A health problem is cramping your mother's lifestyle?
  • You are helping out with a parent's financial issues?
  • Home maintenance is slipping - the grass is overgrown, things are broken, but not repaired?
  • The refrigerator is poorly stocked and food is going bad?
  • Your grandfather has died and your grandmother is alone for the first time in 40 years?
  • Dad seems distracted on the phone and you are concerned about his memory?

You are not alone! There are a wealth of caregiving resources, support groups and other information for all different kinds of caregivers.

source: http://www.youradrcresource.org/services/family_caregivers.html