NEW! The Women's Council, in partnership with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the Wisconsin Broadcaster's Association, Launches ConnectWI.

ConnectWI Shines a Spotlight on Transparency in Local Government

New project will recognize excellence in open government by providing easy access to online information on local public officials and open meetings.

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 Empower Campaign ETF

For a number of reasons, women save significantly less money for retirement than men. Being part of a defined benefit plan, like the Wisconsin Retirement System, reduces the likelihood that you’ll live in poverty after retirement. But you need to do more to build a strong financial future.

Build a strong financial future. Meet Angela, Tamika and Naava at and learn how you can build your retirement savings!

ETF, the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program, and Affirmative Action Committees at Wisconsin state agencies are sponsoring EMPOWER, a statewide educational campaign to inspire and encourage women to save for their retirement.

The Women's Council is proud to partner with EMPOWER!


Know where you want to go or 
overwhelmed by where to start? 

Not sure what questions to ask or
just want a little inspiration?


Get MoneySavvy!


New! MoneySavvy Checklists
Quick and easy guidance from Experts to check out  your money strengths, challenges, and opportunities and connect with free resources you can use right away.

Want to get a handle on your Savings? Debt? Retirement?

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Set a Savings Goal (America Saves)
What is your savings goal?  Make a plan.  Your goal can be big or small.  Research shows that those with a plan save more successfully than those without a plan.


Retirement Toolkit
From the three federal agencies involved in key elements of your retirement planning and security: the Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.




Share Your $tory
Real stories from Real Women
Saving for the future, paying off debt, achieving goals - managing your money isn’t easy, but you aren't alone!  Get inspired and inspire others with your successes and strategies.  Share Your $tories on our comment board.  It doesn’t matter if your goals or achievements are big or small – we want to hear from you!



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The Women's Council is Wisconsin's statutory commission on the status of women and girls.

With a broad mandate, the agency's program agenda is set by a 15-member Women's Council appointed by the Governor and Legislative Leaders. The 2015-2016 agenda is focused on:

Human Trafficking
the Council is undertaking this new priority work for 2015-2016

Governor Walker signing a bill requiring the WI  Dept. of Justice
to createand make available Human Trafficking Hotline posters.  

Women in Non-Traditional Occupations
& Women in Manufacturing
the Council is undertaking this new priority work for 2015-2016


Ongoing programs include

Women's Business Ownership
programs, resources and best practices 

Financial Literacy for Women
programs, resources and best practices 

Status of Women

For more information on the board, mission and history of the Council, see About Us.


Council News:

Cindy Block Appointed to Women's Council Board (Nov. 2014)


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  • Highlights

  • Fast Facts
    Factsheets on the social and economic Status of Women in Wisconsin, produced by the Women's Council.
  • Nominate a Woman-Owned Business!
    2016 Governor's Trailblazer Awards for Women in Business. Click here for the nomination form and Trailblazer homepage.
  • Rosie Revisited Symposium
    Women in Manufacturing. Watch video of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and other presenters and panelists at a Oct. 2014 Symposium. (links to WisconsinEye web site)
  • Status of Girls in WI
    2014 Report on Wisconsin Girls from the Research Center for Women and Girls at Alverno College.
  • State Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification
    The WBE certification ensures entities that chose to do business with women-owned businesses are confident that their reporting of dollars spent with WBEs will be verifiable and credible. Certified WBEs are eligible to be listed in the State of Wisconsin Directory of Women-Owned Businesses.
  • Find a Women's Fund
    Find a Women's Fund in your community! Wisconsin's Women's Funds empower all women, whether they have $5 or $5,000, to become philanthropists and participate in shaping the future of their communities.