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Reducing Expenses

Reducing Expenses:

Save on Gas

Information from the U.S. Department of Energy on extending gas mileage, calculating fuel cost, and gasoline price data. 

Wisconsin Shares

Childcare financial assistance/subsidy program that helps families pay for childcare. If the parent is eligible, child care can be subsidized for children under the age of 13.

Money Talks

Tips from other working moms such as a Family Organizer to keep your whole family connected and on time. Also check out the articles “10 Tips for Traveling with Children”, “Tax Tips from a Workmom”, and “Lemonade Stand Lessons for Kids.”

Money Saving Tips for All Ages

FDIC Consumer News: Your Finances at Different Stages of Life

Tips for Savers

Information from America Saves about strategies for saving on transportation, entertainment, and clothes.

Consumer Tips and Reports

Save money, make better financial decisions, and get out of debt with the help of consumer tips and reports.


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