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Award Eligibility & Criteria


Award Eligibility

The Trailblazer Awards are open to women business owners of companies:

  1. with sole or majority (51% or more) ownership held by one woman, two or more women, or a series of women consecutively over the period, of the same company;
  2. headquartered and registered in the State of Wisconsin;
  3. in compliance and good-standing with all applicable government legal, regulatory and program requirements; and
  4. that meet criteria 1 through 3, plus meet the specific period of time  required for a Pioneer or Thrive Award, or the generational component required for a Torchbearer Award:
    • Pioneer Award:  for the past 25 years or more.
    • Thrive Award: for the past 50 years or more.
    • Torchbearer Award: is a 3rd generation or more, family-owned business, owned and operated by a female relative of the founder.

Who can nominate a business owner?
Individuals and organizations, including business and professional associations, chambers of commerce, elected officials, employees and other friends or colleagues are all invited to a business owner for Wisconsin's Governorís Trailblazer Awards for Women in Business. 

Business owners are also invited to self-nominate.

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