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Award Program FAQs


Q:  When and where is the Award Ceremony held?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018.  1:30 to 2:30 Award Program with Reception to follow.

Wisconsin State Capitol, Governor’s Conference Room with the reception in the Senate Parlor.  Additional information will be provided closer to the event date.

Q:  How many Awards will be given out? 

For 2018, 17 awards will be made, each to a different business owner. Multiple Awards are given out in each award category, based on the number of eligible submissions. 

Q:  Will I be expected to speak or make a speech?

No. Award Presentation Format:

Recipient and nominator (if any) are called to the front of the room, one presentation at a time. 

While the recipient is coming forward and receiving an award, the emcee at the podium reads out information about the recipient and her business. The recipient’s photo and information are also included in the printed program (past printed programs).  

The official event photographer takes two staged photos (though more may be taken during the presentation): 1) recipient and presenter with award; and 2) recipient, presenter and nominator(s) with award.

The recipient returns to her seat and the next person is called forward.

Once all awards have been presented, a group photo is taken.

Q:  Who can attend the Award Ceremony?

Award recipients are invited to bring their nominator as well as a limited number of friends and family.  Because ceremonial rooms in the Capitol have limited (and strict) seating capacity, each Award recipient is given 3 (three) ceremony tickets (Award recipient plus 2 guests). Award nominator also receives a ticket. An overflow room with live video of the program will be available for additional guests.

Pre-registration is required for both the award ceremony and reception.  For planning purposes, Award recipients will be asked to register their guests online – information and a link will be provided closer to the program date.

The reception is not limited for the number of attendees (fire code limits may apply).

Q:  Is the Nominee or Nominator required to attend the Award Ceremony?

No. Attendance at the Award Ceremony by either the award recipient or nominator is encouraged but not required.  It should be noted that by agreeing to participate in the Trailblazer Awards program, information including the business owner’s name, business history, business name and nominator’s name still will be included in releases and promotional materials for the Trailblazer Awards program and maintained on the Trailblazer Awards program web page.

Q:  Can we take photos during the Award Ceremony?

A professional photographer will take photos during the Ceremony. Each award recipient will receive an 8x10 photo of them receiving their award. The additional professional photos will be available online to download. Time permitting, the photographer can be requested to take personal group photos.  Family and friends are asked to limit personal photos to before and after the program.

Q:  What if we are not from the area?  Does the Award Program provide hotel or travel assistance for out-of-town award winners?

No.  Award winners and nominators are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodations, if needed.

Q:  Where can I find information about travel and parking in Madison?

Wisconsin State Capitol, 2 East Main Street, Madison, WI 53702 (for GPS). Handicapped Entrances: At Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., East Washington Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue, and West Washington Avenue.

Madison Visitor Information

Parking Around the Capitol: and parking map.


Q:  What is the Award?  Is there a prize?

The award prize is solely recognition. Award recipients will receive a plaque-type award and/or other mementos of no or limited cash value, as well as invitations to award programs and events. 

Q:  How are award winners recognized?

1. Award recipients are publicized via official press releases distributed statewide and on the Wisconsin Women's Council website at 

In addition, individual and group press releases are typically created for businesses in different parts of the state to be sent to local media to generate local coverage.  This may include, for example, a photo of a recipient receiving their award at the Capitol.  Award program staff work with recipients on distributing press releases locally and to other organizations such as professional associations, colleges/universities, etc.

2. A single Award Ceremony is held for all award recipients in a public ceremony at the Wisconsin State Capitol. 

Q. Can there be additional recognition in the community in which I live?

Yes. The Trailblazer Committee would be pleased to provide materials to your Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, professional associations, etc. for their use in honoring you.  Depending on your location and event timing we may be able to send a representative of our committee to make remarks at your event.


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