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for Past Governor's Trailblazer Awards Recipients

Let your customers and clients know about your award status by displaying the Trailblazer Award Logo on your corporate web site. Use of the Trailblazer Logo is limited to Official Recipients of the Governor's Trailblazer Award for Women in Business, including Trailblazer, Torchbearer and Special Recognition Awards.


Three Easy Steps

1. Download the free .jpg logo file (below) for your award year. In placing the logo on your web site, adjust the size of the image as needed.

2. Link the image to the Trailblazer Homepage. Once you place the image on your web site, link it Trailblazer Program web site (this is required)

       Program web site link:

3. Let us know!  Email us at  

See below for additional terms of use.



2007 Trailblazer Logo


2007 JPG file


2009 Trailblazer JPG


2009 JPG file


2012 Trailblazer JPG


2012 JPG file


2014 Trailblazer JPG


2014 JPG file


Terms of Use and Disclaimer. By downloading and/or making use of the Trailblazer Aware Logo, the user agrees to the following: Trailblazer Award Logos may be used exclusively by Official Trailblazer Award Recipients for display on their official company web site. The image used must reflect the year the award was originally presented to the company and include a direct link to the Trailblazer Program web site using the url  The user releases the State of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Women's Council, the sponsors, and their agents, respective affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers and employees for any and all liability arising in connection with these materials, without limitation.  All Trailblazer Award logos remain the property of the Women's Council and its agents, which may direct entities to cease or amend use of the logo at any time if it deems that these Terms of Use are not met and decisions in this regard are considered final.