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Women in the 2019 Wisconsin Legislature

Women make up 27% of the Wisconsin Legisture: 24% of the State Senate (8/23) and 28% of the State Assembly (28/99). 

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Women Remain a Minority of Office Holders Across All Levels of Government

How Wisconsin Compares

Nationally, women make up 1-out-of-5 members of the US Congress - 19% of the US House of Representatives (85 of 435 seats) and 22% of the US Senate (22 of 100 seats).

Wisconsin does slightly better. In 2018, women make up 24% of the Wisconsin State Legislature. While this seems positive, in fact, the percentage of women in Wisconsin's legislature has hovered around 25% for more than past 30 YEARS! 

Wisconsin Looks Like Its Neighbors

Wisconsin looks much like its Midwestern neighbors - Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota - for women serving at the highest levels of state government. among these states, Wisconsin ranks third for the percent of legislative seats held by women; first for the percent seats on the State Supreme Court held by women; and only two state have more women in State Executive Offices than Wisconsin. 

Our Research Agenda

The Women's Council has been tracking the number of women in Wisconsin's state and local elected offices since 2005.  The Council publishes statewide studies, factsheets and other research products which can be found on the Publications page. We also partner with organizations such as the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association to educate and extend our research opportunities. The Women's Council is a leader nationally in tracking and reporting on the status of and trends in women serving in local elected office and has inspired similar projects in other states. 

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